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Release: 05.07.2024 

Be prepared for SNC Recs' next move this year. Cosmic G from Belgrade delivers a unique EP on SNCD, packed with contemporary uplifting and progressive house tracks, including remixes by Harrison BDP and NairLess.

Known for his unique productions characterized by diverse sounds, percussion, and unusual structures, he has already released on labels such as Haws, Commatrax, BinarySound, and many more. After these steps, it’s time to make his debut on SNC Recs with an outstanding release that will captivate the dancefloors and blend seamlessly into the digital catalog.

The EP name fits just as well as the two remixes by Harrison BDP and NairLess, because Dunav is the river that flows through both Belgrade and the home base of SNC Recs. A match made in heaven!

(Words: Valentin.SNC – Artwork: Emi.SNC)


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