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Release: 09.12.022 

After the successful opening of the new SNC Digital catalog by Parco Palaz, Berlin-based Tom now takes the wheel and heats things up with his “LB” EP.

Before Tom released his first EP “Not A Bright Future” on Temperamental Club Sound at the end of 2021, which was followed a little later by “Lose Yourself” on Paloma, he was already active in Berlin's nightlife for many years. His background as booker, resident and label manager at Paloma becomes evidently audible on his new release on SNC.

With powerful, driving beats and swinging melodies, “LB” expresses an unmistakable invitation to the dance floor. After the atmospheric introduction with classic house chords in “Chandeliers in Pyramids”, “Step Outside” with vocals by UK rapper KXNE clearly proves hit potential. “Dial 303” creates an extremely groovy ode to acid house, before “Topcraft 202” ventures into more experimental realms. Finally, Azo from Brussels, who has made a name for herself in recent years as a producer, DJ and party host, delivers a perfect finish with her remix of “Chandeliers in Pyramids“.

All in all, Tom has excellently managed to convert his knowledge as a DJ into the production of a modern acid house tool box that comes with a guarantee to energize the crowd.

(Words: Victoria Lang – Artwork: Thomas Severin & Emi.SNC – Photo:  Marie Staggat)


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