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Release: 16.09.2022 

With his "Emotional Engineering" EP, Parco Palaz aka Nicola-Miloš Mišić delivers a brilliant opening for the new digital catalog of SNC Recs.

The Basel-based producer and DJ with a background in composition and sound design for film has already demonstrated his skills with his first EPs "Motorsport" (2018) and "Surface" (2020) on Akoya Circle, and most recently released his first album with the delightfully descriptive title "Lightning Struck a Tree" on Turbo Life Tapes.

With "Emotional Engineering" on SNC he now raises the bar again in terms of sonic diversity and takes his listeners on a carefully composed musical trip beneath the surface, right into the spheres of the subconscious, with the titling of the individual tracks being entirely in the spirit of biochemistry. Electrifying breakbeats merge here with complex melodies to create a powerful, psychoactive sound experience. While the first two tracks with their slightly dreamy atmosphere offer a dynamic as well as harmonious introduction, the sonic spectrum of the EP is subsequently fanned out even further.
With his first release on SNC records, Parco Palaz has created a multi-layered psychogram of an ambitious composer that makes you want to listen to it over and over again.


(Words: Victoria Lang – Artwork: Thomas Severin & Emi.SNC)


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