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Release: 25.06.2021 

Madrid, Malmø, Motor City – the places that influenced the sound behind the pure Electro EP, „M- Technology“. The fifth SNC Recs release fuses elements from very different cities from all around the world.

The musician Dip Shim aka. Diego Ocejo unites on „M-Technology“ the Sounds of Detroit, his roots in Spain and the current scene of Sweden. Dip Shim has many talents; in his formative years he was active in the Graffiti scene and working as a graphic designer. Turning his lifestyle into an education, he moved to Malmø, getting lost within the city’s artistic bubble. It was within this creative environment, that Dip Shim found a place to start a new project. Since 2020 he runs the record store called „Bolero Record-Store“ and started his own label „Malmø Traxx“. One thing is for sure – he knows what he’s doing. Dip Shims first release on his own imprint was a top seller on Juno and sold out after only two weeks.

„M-Technology“ is for sure the perfect soundtrack for your favorite Graffiti Film or a rave night that will hopefully take place soonish. With his full analogue producing style, using legendary equipment like the MPC2000 and selection of classic Roland drum machines, Diego created an outstanding 4 track, full Electro EP which will heat up some Dancefloors in the near future.


(Words: Saskia Braun

Dip-Shim – Yard Stalkers  (5:13)

Produced by: Dip-Shim

Video footage by: Valentin.SNC

Cuts & editing by: Valentin.SNC

Artwork: Emi.SNC

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