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SNC Recs is back with Record number two – maybe a bit surprising, our second release contains more four to the floors than you might expect. To contribute their music to the Lonestar EP, we invited two super talented producers straight outta Bavaria.


Raphael, better known as German Rap-Artist Errdeka, delivers two Housey Dancefloor tunes. Bass Saw works perfectly as a bumpy, energy-bringing tool, where as Looking For Youth is definitely made for the Open Air season 2020 – the Italo-Disco touched drums and cheesy uplifting Synth’s will definitely bring a smile onto every dancer’s face.

On the B-Side we’re super glad to welcome one of Munich’s most exciting up and coming artists right now. Maurice Paloni made his name together with crew-mate David Hornung and their joint project Inside Universe. Bell Amani well describes their perception of Electronic Music and fits in early on the night of a rave. B2, Tints, stands out of the EP with his break drums and an emotional and calm vibe (ツ)

Maurice Paloni – Tints (Sasseh Guitar) (7:07)

Produced by: Maurice Paloni

Video footage by: Michael Wittmann 

Cuts & editing by: Valentin.SNC

Artwork: Emi.SNC


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