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 Release: 29.11.2019 

Oi Fellas! It’s true - SNC is pushin records now!

After a creative journey, we are finally here and proud to share the first SNC record with you. Matching the name, after a long trip begins a new adventure - so let the SNC Recs journey begin with the Space Starter EP. 

With our independent record label we want to create a platform, to release music by our own and these of befriended artists. Logically the 001 contains two tracks of our own Acid-Warrior Felix aka. Fufi.SNC. The A-Side starts with a distorted and dark Acid Breakbeat and was taken out of Fufi’s Live performance at Lighthouse Festival 2019. A2, Lost Mission Control, stands out with his glitchy drum-breaks in the mid-part and creates a proper vibe on the dance floor. The B-Side is packed with three stunning tunes by one of our most favorite producers out there – Orson Wells shows his very own interpretation of Jungle music and directly beams us back into the nineties. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for some serious heat upcoming on SNC Recs. (ツ) 

Orson Wells  – Ready Fi Dem (6:45 MIN)

Produced by: Orson Wells 

Video footage by: Louis Schreyer /

Cuts & editing by: Valentin.SNC

Artwork: Emi.SNC

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