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Independent distribution & production company based in Amsterdam

''Stemming from the Kalahari Oyster Cult family and imprints and artists that the label has worked with along the way, One Eye Witness is a tight-knit crew of kindred musical outlets with a shared ideology.

This vinyl-focused distribution service acts as the missing link between like-minded record labels and artists looking to push quality over quantity, offering these imprints a solid foundation for their next creative undertakings by facilitating vinyl production and distribution.

OEW aims at putting each step of the disc production including curation, design, pre/post-production, and overall a final product of quality, back at the heart of the discussion.''


Sharing Is Caring
''Do you want your music to be heard - but you don't have the contacts, or money to pay for PR?

Here at Savour The Moment, we believe sharing is caring. From now on, we are offering under-represented artists the opportunity to have their music shared with our vast contact base, for free. We will also happily write press releases and artists bios for those artists.''


''As the industry’s leading independent distributor and label services company, The Orchard reaches digital and physical retailers worldwide. Comprised of digital natives specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services and more, The Orchard empowers artists and labels to connect with fans across the globe.''

As a pioneering music dis­tri­b­u­tion company and top-ranked video network, The Orchard has local reps in more than 40 global markets. From digital retailers and physical stores to performance rights societies, our partnerships help amplify your reach and revenue across multiple business verticals''


''We press with Toolex Alpha semi-automatic machines, some of which are over 40 years old. Each machine is unique and is no longer produced. Maintenance is therefore very time-consuming. Technical understanding along with a lot of enthusiasm are necessary to keep our machines running.

The pressing process is also connected with a lot of manual work because the settings on the machines have to be adjusted individually for each order. Both the test pressings and the main pressings undergo a final quality control - the records are checked visually and acoustically.


Our many years of experience have shown that the use of regranulate does not result in any auditory losses. Therefore we generally use recycled granulate for our black 140g pressings. Only the surface of the record can show slight streaks on closer inspection. Due to production restrictions, both our 7" and our 180g press are made with virgin vinyl. By request, we can also press 140g orders with virgin vinyl. Coloured pressings are generally made of Virgin granulate, as this is the only way to guarantee colour fastness.''

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