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Release: 17.05.2024

Attention, Electro-heads! SNC Recs is back with its first vinyl release for 2024, presenting a treat for all breakbeat enthusiasts with Friedrich Ernst's Breakthrough EP. The old-school influenced 12’’ is garnished by two high-grade remixes contributed by none other than the new-wave electro pioneers, DJ MELL G and Viikatory.

Hailing from Dresden, Friedrich Ernst discovered his passion for electronic music at an early age. After relocating to Leipzig in 2020, he co-founded the label "Self Learning System" with DJ Unisex, focusing on releasing electro music and organizing events. Since then, Friedrich has honed his own style and established himself internationally as a label owner and producer, increasingly focusing on live performances.

His second solo EP, marked by his detail-oriented and uncompromising electro sound, fits perfectly into the SNC Recs catalog and brings a dignified start to the tenth series. Completing the release are remixes by DJ MELL G and Viikatory, each bringing their own personal touch to a different track.


(Words: Valentin.SNC – Artwork: Emi.SNC)


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